You may be asking me:

Why would I hire a photographer to document my baby’s birth?

As a mom who had a photographer on my own daughter’s birth, I know the expression “birth photographer” can sound a little bit intimidating sometimes. You may feel it’s a little awkward to have an outsider with a camera in the room, while such an intimate moment unfolds.

However, as a professional birth photographer, I am prepared to blend in the scene as unobtrusively as you’d like. Thanks to personal experiences and studies on this subject, I’m also used to all kinds of situations this moment can involve. Plus, if at any point you don’t feel comfortable with me in the room, I will step out, no questions asked.

On top of that, while in labour you will need all emotional and physical support that your companions can offer, and having a photographer in the room is the way to make sure no one will be distracted trying to snap a picture while you need a familiar hand to hold yours.

At last, but not least, there’s the images factor. Trust me on this one: having professional looking pictures that tell the story of your child’s arrival is nothing but priceless. The doubt you might be having now about this decision you’re about to make, will quickly go away when you see the photos that you will love for a lifetime.

Did you know?

Research provides powerful evidence of improved outcomes for mothers and babies when mothers are supported in labour. (NCBI)

How does it work?

I will be on call to attend your birth from the day you complete 38 weeks of pregnancy, until your baby’s arrival. During this period, I will have my phone with me 24/7, and my equipment packed to go at any time you call. When the big day comes, I will meet you at your preferred birthing facility or your home when you start active labour, and the contractions are about 4 minutes apart. Once I get there, I’m all yours until your baby comes out to join us. After baby’s arrival in the world, I’ll hang around for 1 more hour to capture the first glimpses of your story together. I’ll then select and work on all of the best captures of your story.

You will receive the hand-edited photos on a web gallery for download, and on a flash drive with the ready-to-print images. As a bonus, I’ll also create a short video with the best pictures set to licensed music and original audio fragments recorded during the birth of your baby.