Hello there, Christmas' fan!

If you clicked the link and got to this page, I’m assuming you might love Christmas just as much as I do! Are you ready for the Christmas Photos season? ‘Cause I am! YAYY!!

The most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner, and the magic starts in the preparation, right?! Therefore, since last year, I figured: WHY not have the messy/funny parts of the process captured as well, instead of having only that classic, traditional family portrait taken, striking the pose with a picture-perfect Christmas tree on the background?

Let’s create an authentic Christmas Photo Session that is trully representative of your family!


I remember that when I was a child my parents would, now and then, have a studio portrait of me and my brother taken. And even though I appreciate those images, my favourite photos from my childhood were not a set up at all.

For example, in one of them, both my grandfather and I are in tears hugging each other, after he gave me a very expected Christmas present. My mom, who took the picture, was probably shaking from emotion. The photo is not sharp, and the angle isn’t great as well (mom, it’s ok, you tried LOL). But despite that, the connection and the love is right there. The story of the photo means a lot to me, and that raw moment will never happen again. I’m so glad I have it captured.

This is why I believe in what I do. Documenting family-realness is my mission and where my heart truly is. To me, the unscripted connection will always be a more treasured memory for our future selves than something directed and set up during a photo session. So act natural and pretend I’m not here, because real is the new perfect!


This year I am offering Mini Sessions on sale for the season!


  • Location: Your home
  • Backdrop: Your real Christmas environment (decorations, tree, stockings, cards, a gingerbread house, or whatever it is that represents Christmas to your family)
  • Wardrobe: your “ugly-Xmas sweater”/pyjamas/whatever you feel comfortable in
  • Starring: you trying to make the tree look pretty and your kid(s) running around it playing ball with the decoration =) hahaha


What you pay:

  • $99 upon booking

What you get:

  • half an hour of a FUN photo session in your home
  • session’s full online gallery for you to select your favourites
  • 5 digital images of your choice, full resolution, hand edited and with print release;
  • 1 ready-to-print Christmas Card digital layout with an image of your choice

* Additional photographs may be purchased for $20 each.

Payment via Credit Card or EMT available.