Time is precious. The simplest and spontaneous moments are the ones that become our most adorable memories, and they are happening right now. Through an approach that swings between documentary and lifestyle photography, I will freeze in photographs the truth and beauty of your life, so that your unique stories will never fade away. Capturing your reality is what I always aim for, and trust me – it does look beautiful!

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I’m Lara, the passionate woman behind all the photos on this website. Apart from being a professional photographer graduated from Seneca College, I’m also a tourismologist [who loves to be a tourist], an amateur musician, and a dedicated wife. Last but not least, I’m a mom to the most beautiful girl in the world and the two most ogre loving dogs too.

I’ve always been a people’s person, and my favourite thing about being a photographer is to connect with them. Basing myself on that connection, I challenge myself to capture into a picture whatever it is that makes their story unique. I honestly and truly believe in the power my craft has. It’s not only about making a moment last forever. Through my work, I invite people to look into themselves and their lives through a new, fresh perspective. And I’ll tell you one thing: No matter how messy it all may feel like to you, if you give me the chance to show you what I see, I’m confident that you will find beauty in it too. This is what moves me.


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